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The "Bahbosh Way"

"You Order, We Deliver"

Dates . Dried Fruits . Honey . Transport . Olive Oil . Nuts . Halva . Beverages

Our Mission: To increase and provide “barakah” (blessings) to our consumers.

We at Bahbosh Foods & Services are happy to provide true service to our consumers to gain benefits from the array of health foods. The selection of Middle eastern dates to the organic dried fruits as well as our quality honey product range will ensure a healthy, satisfied consumer.

To enhance the experience for your benefit, we provide doorstep delivery at your convenience. Delivery is just an order away for our consumers to add even more value.

Our Vision: Enriching lives through Islamic Values

“Eat from the good things which We have provided for you” - Al-Baqarah [2:172] 

The gateway to healthier living is having good food sources and also proper consumption habits. We educate our consumers on consumption practices and methods. Eating healthy is beneficial but also fun. We have recipes that will whip your appetite for healthy foods.

Insha'Allah (god-willing), all of us will benefit from a healthier self that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

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