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What you didn't know about the use of coconut oil


“Smoother and stronger hair with coconut oil"

Naturally, coconut oil has an excellent amount fatty acids which is actually nourishing for you. It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties and importantly, it's made up of saturated fats which is great to repair your hair.

The oil of the coconut penetrates your hair and can be used as a hair detangler and actually won't leave any residue.

How do you use coconut oil for hair:
1) It is as simple gently massaging the oil onto your hair from the top to the ends of your hair
2) Let the oil soak in and wash in the morning as per usual.

Additional Bonus tip:
As well, coconut oil can be used on your skin to protect against the sun. This is perfect for days you will be out on the open for long hours.As much as coconut oil has its uses externally, a tablespoon of coconut oil daily will go long to improve cardio vascular health.

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